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Still Star-Crossed S1 Ep.3 Non-Spoiler Review

Hello everyone, well it's almost time for the return of Still Star-Crossed tomorrow at 10pm. I'm so excited, but first I wanted to get these last non-spoiler and spoiler reviews up hopefully before the upcoming episode. Now this episode is called "All the World's a Stage". In this episode, we see a lot of different… Continue reading Still Star-Crossed S1 Ep.3 Non-Spoiler Review

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Still Star-Crossed S1Ep.2 Non-Spoiler Review

Hello again everyone, this is another non-spoiler review of Still Star-Crossed. This time episode two which is called "The Course of True Love Never Did Run Smooth." So as the title may suggest this episode focuses on the aftermath in the events of the pilot episode. After learning about the relationship The Prince and Rosaline… Continue reading Still Star-Crossed S1Ep.2 Non-Spoiler Review

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Of Fire and Stars By Audrey Coulthurst

Title: Of Fire and Stars Author: Audrey Coulthurst Publisher: Balzer + Bray Review: So when I first heard that this book was coming out I was very intrigued not only because it seemed like a story right up my alley, but because I honestly had never read a book with a same sex couple in… Continue reading Of Fire and Stars By Audrey Coulthurst