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Tips for Shopping Library Sales

Hello my fellow readers, I'm really excited because I can't believe it's already April even if Mother Nature doesn't necessarily agree it is Spring and soon it will be Summer. Which can mean a lot, but for us avid readers it means we can't wait to get all the books we at least hope we're… Continue reading Tips for Shopping Library Sales


April 2018 TBR

Hello my fellow readers, hopefully, you all have checked out my wrap-up for the month of March 2018. Now I'm now bringing you the books I intend to read for the month of April. I have already gotten a start on them and I have to say I'm pretty excited for this line-up that I… Continue reading April 2018 TBR

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Christmas Book Haul Part 4: Finale!!!

Hello fellow readers, so this is the last installment of my Christmas book haul series. So this is going to contain the books I mainly received as gifts from friends and family. I left this one till last just because I honestly didn't ask for a lot of books this year compared to the number… Continue reading Christmas Book Haul Part 4: Finale!!!

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My Most Anticipated Reads for 2018

Hello my fellow readers, so for today I'm going to be talking about a couple of the books I'm really excited about being released in the coming year of 2018. Now I have recently done a pretty sizable book purge using the Kon Mari method a couple people I follow on BookTube have done as… Continue reading My Most Anticipated Reads for 2018