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Christmas Haul Part 3: RightStufAnime Haul

Hello my fellow readers, today I am bringing you part three of my Christmas book haul. Today I'm going to be talking with you about the manga volumes and some anime I purchased close to the Christmas holiday. A good amount of the volumes I got were pre-orders so I will be getting a couple… Continue reading Christmas Haul Part 3: RightStufAnime Haul

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Christmas Book Haul Part 2: Amazon Haul

Hey my fellow readers, I have finally gotten all the books I ordered from Amazon. Apparently, the mail just decided to stop working, at least for me when I put this order in because anything that could have gone wrong with this order did. It also didn't help with the fact that Amazon didn't just… Continue reading Christmas Book Haul Part 2: Amazon Haul

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BIG DECEMBER/JANUARY BOOK HAUL pt. 1: Barnes & Noble Sale Haul

Hey everyone, you all have probably been wondering whether or not I had gotten any books for Christmas well I'm here to tell you I did. Oh, boy did I, and there's still more to come. I didn't really ask for a lot of books this holiday just because I've talked to you guys about… Continue reading BIG DECEMBER/JANUARY BOOK HAUL pt. 1: Barnes & Noble Sale Haul

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DC Rebirth Comic Haul

Hey guys man I've just been all about them DC comics lately. So I've recently gotten a haul of DC Rebirth comics. From what I understand this is NOT meant to serve as a reboot. I'm super excited about these new comics I've gotten from the DC Rebirth sale at Barnes & Noble. Just so you guys know… Continue reading DC Rebirth Comic Haul

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Library Comic Book Haul #1

Hey everyone been a while since I posted anything, but I wanted to just give this little update. So in an effort to save a little money I've gotten back into getting books that either aren't a priority or I'm not sure I'm going to want to have as a permanent part of my collection.… Continue reading Library Comic Book Haul #1