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Mother’s Day Book Tag

Hello, my fellow readers. In honor of Mother's Day, I felt inspired and created this book tag in honor of all mothers everywhere, but especially¬†my own. What is a book you remember¬†you're mom reading to you when you were little? ------When I was little I remember my mom reading a lot of Dr. Seuss books.… Continue reading Mother’s Day Book Tag

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Courtship Book Tag

This book tag looked like a lot of fun so I thought I'd give it a try.   Phase 1 - Initial Attraction: A book that you bought because of the cover I would say the first book that comes to mind that was just a pure cover buy was this version of Alice's Adventures… Continue reading Courtship Book Tag

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The Newbie Book Blog Tag

Hey everyone, thank you so much for all the support I've been getting. When I started this blog way back in I guess around December/January it was kind of just an outlet for reading, writing, and having discussions with others about things we all like. However, I would definitely say that I'm still a newbie… Continue reading The Newbie Book Blog Tag