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August BookOutlet Haul 2017

Hello, everyone, this is something that I haven't done in while. I have been on a book ban for almost 6 months which is pretty good, but as we all hopefully know BookOutlet has some of the best prices when it comes to books especially now that they've including free shipping for orders of $35.00… Continue reading August BookOutlet Haul 2017

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Back from BookCon Part 1

Hey guys sorry about the delay. Still feeling a little lagged from my trip to BookCon in New York, but I'm so happy that I'm finally getting to tell you guys about my experiences at BookCon 2017. So BookCon was amazing just to start off. For anyone going to BookCon I highly recommend downloading the… Continue reading Back from BookCon Part 1

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DC Rebirth Comic Haul

Hey guys man I've just been all about them DC comics lately. So I've recently gotten a haul of DC Rebirth comics. From what I understand this is NOT meant to serve as a reboot. I'm super excited about these new comics I've gotten from the DC Rebirth sale at Barnes & Noble. Just so you guys know… Continue reading DC Rebirth Comic Haul

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Library Comic Book Haul #1

Hey everyone been a while since I posted anything, but I wanted to just give this little update. So in an effort to save a little money I've gotten back into getting books that either aren't a priority or I'm not sure I'm going to want to have as a permanent part of my collection.… Continue reading Library Comic Book Haul #1

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Manga Mondays: Catch Up Manga Haul

Hello everyone, I know its been a long time coming, but it's here. So this haul; much like the title says is very much a catch up order. I really haven't gotten a manga haul this big since back in December when all the holiday sales were going on. However, one day I just happened to be on and the… Continue reading Manga Mondays: Catch Up Manga Haul