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Still Star-Crossed S1 Ep. 3 Spoiler Review

Hey everyone, so this is the last review I have for you before Still Star-Crossed returns to it’s weekly schedule. I really hope that these reviews have been reaching people and getting them interested in the series because I really want this series to do well. Tweet me @BookBoundOwl if you guys are tuning to the episode that is airing tonight @ 10PM on ABC.

Okay so this episode was very much centered on the relationships or lack there of between the characters at this point. The Prince has made it clear that the world is watching and they need to give them a love story, not just a marriage. This springs to mind so many feelings I’ve had about these characters since the series started and I imagine that this will be a recurring theme that this is what Romeo and Juliet should have been able to have.

Benvolio and Rosaline obviously take center stage because they are Verona’s young lovers, but Rosaline is just taking that and using to full advantage when it comes to trying to make The Prince jealous. However, Benvolio and Rosaline have some ideas of their own. They each consider escape is there best option: Rosaline to a nunnery and Benvolio runs away with Stella, the prostitute from the brothel. This all stem from the impending Betrothal ceremony, but each find a reason to stay and go through with it. Rosaline, so that she can raise Livia back up to her rightful station in order for her to get a husband. Benvolio decides to accept his fate in a way, but I don’t think he really loves Stella; his connection with her I think was just more so he wasn’t alone because everyone else he loves is gone. However, they do find an alternate solution when they soon find their is someone working behind the scenes as I thought trying to insight more riots between the two families thus causing Verona to be fearful of other kingdoms trying to take over.

Isabella continues to try and make the rule of Verona a partnership with her brother, but he continues to shut her down at every turn. Montague sees this as an opportunity. The Prince is very naïve, but Isabella knows what needs to be done and almost tries to Lady Macbeth him.

Lord and Lady Capulet aren’t getting along either Lord Capulet is occupied with making sure the secret of their debts and his guilt have been consuming him while Lady Capulet is consumed with grief and paranoia.

I really enjoy getting to know these characters with each episode and I hope that it continues to grow with each one.

Thank you for joining me please check out my further reviews on Still Star-Crossed.



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