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Still Star-Crossed S1 Ep.3 Non-Spoiler Review

Hello everyone, well it’s almost time for the return of Still Star-Crossed tomorrow at 10pm. I’m so excited, but first I wanted to get these last non-spoiler and spoiler reviews up hopefully before the upcoming episode. Now this episode is called “All the World’s a Stage”.

In this episode, we see a lot of different relationships “put on display,” you might say. The first of course being that of Benvolio and Rosaline as their Betrothal Ceremony would take place and before any of you say, “oh you just made that up.” I checked, it’s a real thing. This is just another thing that I love about this show is that they are really making you feel like you are being transported to this time period every time we watch this show because they’re being so careful with their accuracy from the costumes, to the language, and now down to the very customs themselves. Now most of us would usually think of a betrothal and a wedding as the same thing, but during the time the show is set in they would hold two separate ceremonies. The betrothal would be where the  prospective bride and groom appeared in front of a priest and made their solemn promises or vows to each other. They then exchanged rings and kisses, then waited for roughly 40 days, when the wedding ceremony then took place.

It is essential in agreement between the two families and The Prince that this marriage must not only take place and go off without a hitch with so much riding on it, but the two “love birds” have to sell that they are in fact and in love. Lord Montague is of course doing everything in his power to make it appear as such. While Lord Capulet is already keeping up appearances for his own house let only that of these two. This whole thing just makes me think, yet again that if these two houses are working so hard to get their families together then why couldn’t they have work this hard so Romeo and Juliet could have been together, and even Benvolio points that out.

Next we see Paris and Livia getting closer. The show hasn’t really been shy about pushing these two together because I feel like this is the one relationship we can actually root for in the show. Also, it’s the one we’re not really going to have to wait to see a change in the characters to get where we want them to be. However, that could mean something not saying it’s going to be bad, but come on it’s Shakespeare AND Shonda Rhimes, is going to happen with them. I did have a thought and questioned whether Paris is kinda playing Livia somehow because he is kind of one of the main wild cards in this show among most of the characters so far. I don’t know because they are just so cute together. I could imagine him having an issue with the possibility being related by marriage to the kinsman of the man that tried to kill him, but other than that I’m so onboard with these two.

I can say without spoilers this episode we do get some insight into relationships and turmoil that are going on in the other houses. Such as the relationship The Prince and Isabella. Along with Lord Capulet and Lady Capulet, which are actually great juxtapositions of each other for ways I will be going over in my spoiler review of this episode. Overall, I thought the characters were very consistent in this episode, the direction of the episode was done very well, and I can’t wait for this show just to grow in popularity because it really deserves it. I give this episode 8/10.

Thank you all for reading my non-spoiler review for this episode of Still Star-Crossed. Please remember to check out my spoiler review after you have either read this, watched the episode in question or both. Please leave a LIKE if you liked this review, leave in the comments below your thoughts on the episode, and remember to follow me if you wish to see more of my content. Hope you are having a safe day or night wherever you all are.


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