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Still Star-Crossed S1 Ep.2 Spoiler Review

Hey  everyone here I am with the spoiler review for ABC’s Still Star-Crossed season 1 episode 2, ” The Course of True Love Never Did Run Smooth”.

This is a spoiler review so this post will contain spoilers, just saying.

We begin this episode right where we left off with The Prince and Rosaline sharing a moment in the Chapel. Now upon re-watching this episode I could kind of see from the pilot that there was something between the two of these characters even before the reveal, but we do get some context as to why things felt so unfinished I guess you could say between them. Apparently, The Prince’s father knew about their relationship and ordered he be sent away because the royal family can never even appear to be favoring one family over the other lest one gain the upper-hand over the crown. This occurs anyway when Benvolio is the one whom discovers The Prince and Rosaline together. Here’s the thing Benvolio let’s Rosaline know later in the episode that he has this information over her, but I don’t think that he would ever use it because if there’s one thing Benvolio respects I think it’s being with the one you love. As it appears, he’s kind of been in the same boat as Rosaline where he has no family other than his Uncle that has taken him in, but Benvolio has always been seen as more a burden than a blessing, so to speak.

However, we are shown that Benvolio does have the ability to play the game when it comes to gathering information on the state of the Capulet house. This impresses Lord Montague, who is a huge power player, but not enough. He’s not shy about letting it be known that he wants the marriage to take place because he wants to  combine the power of the Capulet name with the power of their wealth after generations of being looked down upon.

We see a lot of characters like Benvolio who are showing a real shift in characters like Rosaline who has been restored to her original station and is no longer permitted to sleep with the rest of the servants so she is put in Juliet’s bedroom. This obviously shakes the whole house especially Lady Capulet who becomes obsessed with finding out who convinced Juliet to take her own life and she already has a person in mind for whom is to blame. This also changes Rosaline and Livia’s relationship a little, but while Rosaline is trying to find a way out this marriage Livia is trying to convince her it might be a way for her to get her title back as well.

If there was one thing I was a little iffy about this episode it was how back and forth The Prince was towards Rosaline. One minute he’s kissing her and then announces the marriage. And then, takes back the marriage to Benvolio because he loves her, but once he does that Romeo’s body is found mutilated; known only to The Prince and his advisor. Fearing this will bring not but destruction to Verona even after his display of power at the feast he takes back what he said to Rosaline yet again. I know this is to create drama, but I really hope moving forward his character is more consistent. I would actually like to see him display more of the way he was at the feast when he literally stabs a fork in a man’s hand and demands peace between the houses. You can kind of see it in Rosaline’s eyes that she doesn’t know if this is the same man that she loved and if he’s kind of enjoying his newfound power or putting on a show. I’m not saying they shouldn’t touch on it every so often in future episodes as the stakes are getting higher, but just move away from it for a while to give Rosaline and Benvolio some time together and The Prince to develop his character as well.

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