Book Talk

Let’s Stop & Talk about Books

Hey everyone just out and about. Now like some if not most avid readers I tend to take a book with me wherever I go. Do I was wondering right here, right now as you are all receiving this post, if you do in fact have a book in front of you what is it and what do you think of it so far? 

I’m currently as I’m typing reading Harry Potter and the Prisoner ofAzkaban. The third book in the Harry Potter series by J. K. Rowling. I’m a little over halfway done with the book and it is just reinforcing why I love this series so much. Professor Lupin is awesome. I really love how he kind of acts like a surrogate father figure for Harry. 

Snape is on Harry’s case more than ever it seems. Not hard to understand why when there’s so much history between a lot of the characters that come together in this book. Which I think is why this is a special one in he series for me because you’re starting to get more of that history on more characters that have some kind of connection to Harry in one way or another. 

Anyway, those are just some random book thoughts I had. Let me know of yours in the comments below. Hope you are all having a great day or night wherever you are. 


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