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Still Star-Crossed S1Ep.2 Non-Spoiler Review

Hello again everyone, this is another non-spoiler review of Still Star-Crossed. This time episode two which is called “The Course of True Love Never Did Run Smooth.” So as the title may suggest this episode focuses on the aftermath in the events of the pilot episode. After learning about the relationship The Prince and Rosaline once shared this still doesn’t seem to sway The Prince when it comes to moving forward with the marriage much to Rosaline’s dismay. Now we have set up and are learning more that this story is officially its own from the original play, but are still keeping the heart of Shakespeare’s intent towards these characters because one of the main points of Romeo & Juliet I’ve always thought besides love conquers all, though sometimes it doesn’t, is that secrets and hate can destroy what you love. I think that is definitely going to be a driving force with these characters since the people with secrets now have so much more to lose if their secrets get out and those without secrets I feel are going to be doing some things in which they will start keeping secrets.

Also, this show has a great way of distinguishing each of these families or houses from each other. Pretty much the only thing that they can agree on is their love/obsession with power and their wiliness to use whatever means they can to not only get it, but to use it against the other. We see that especially in the aftermath where there seems to be this shift in power and everyone is effected as a result which I think really show where they are as characters. I think this was a good building block episode in which we A) got a chance to see more of an evolution in these characters and how their dealing with current circumstances and B) everyone has kind of their own battles that their fighting and it’s hard to tell whose on whose sides. I would rate this episode 7/10. Make sure to check out my spoiler-review where I will be talking more in-depth with the events I this episode.

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