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Still Star-Crossed S1 Ep. 1 Spoiler Review

Hey everyone, so this is my Spoiler review for the first episode of “Still Star-Crossed” titled “In Fair Verona, Where We Lay Our Scene”. This review will obviously contain spoilers, but it’s more as an outlet to discuss my thoughts and overall feelings of the episode.

To get started, I’d mentioned in my previous post that we are given a lot more background on certain characters the show seems to be fleshing out more such as The Prince whom is actually returning to Verona after being away for a few years to be at his father’s side as he lays dying. We are also introduced to The Prince’s sister, Isabella. This is just one scene among many where the diversity in the show isn’t even called into question and I love that. It really just feels like they chose the actors and actresses they thought best suited the characters. Upon his father’s death, The Prince is named sovereign of Verona and you can clearly see that Isabella isn’t happy about that because she seemed to be more aligned with her father’s thinking than her brother.

I also mentioned how we are given an insight into each of the houses of Montague and Capulet after the wedding. The one I’m most interested to learn more about is that of the relationship between Benvolio and Lord Montague. It seems that Lord Montague took Benvolio in just as Lord and Lady Capulet took Rosaline and her sister, Livia in as he says that everything Benvolio has is because of him. This all stems from the fact Benvolio had broken off an engagement because he wasn’t in love. As for the Capulets, we learn Rosaline and Livia are the nieces of Lord and Lady Capulet by Lord Capulets late brother.

The show runners also give us a little more background as to the reason for the tension between the two houses. It seems that the Montague’s use to work for the Capulets, but have since become entrepreneurs in manner of words while the Capulets have been living on their good name and reputation.

After the two young lovers death their is so much death and panic because the two houses seem to be at odds with each other more than ever. The Prince, feeling there is no other way to resolve the feud, decides to order the marriage between Benvolio Montague and Rosaline Capulet as a way to finally have peace between the two families. This is where the story really takes a turn as we find that Rosaline had a previous relationship with The Prince which Benvolio finds out at the end. This opens the show up to many possibilities. I can’t wait to see hoe they’re going to combine the themes of Shakespeare with that of Shondaland.

Thank you for joining me for this spoiler review on the first episode of Still Star-Crossed. Please leave a LIKE, feel free to comment, and follow if you want to see more of my content. Hope you are all having a safe day or night wherever you are.



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