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ABC’s Still Star-Crossed First Impressions

Hey guys, I’ve mentioned before that I want to start expanding my horizon and using this blog to talk about more stuff than just solely book related topics. I figure this was a good a topic to start with. I just wanted to give my first impression on ABC’s recent new edition to it’s television slot and a new Shona Rhimes show that I’m already so in love with, but I don’t think that many other people know about and should definitely check out if they have the chance. This is a show that has so many possibilities. The show I’m talking about is “Still Star-Crossed” based on the book of the same name by Melinda Taub. The show is essentially giving us a look into what happened after William Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet takes place and how even after the two lovers death’s there is still no peace between the two houses and there are even more threats on the horizon. The Prince decides that in order for their to be peace the two houses will be joined under the union between Benvolio Montague, Romeo’s cousin and best friend and Rosalie Capulet, Juliet’s cousin and best known as the woman that rejected Romeo’s advances. Shonda does take some liberties with certain characters backstories, but still stays true to Shakespeare’s themes of love, loss, betrayal, and more.

I have never read the book, but when I heard this was being made into a series last year I was so intrigued. Not only do I love Shonda Rhimes, but I’m a huge fan of Shakespeare as well. I think the issue with this series is the time-slot that they originally went with was up with some stiff competition, but I recently heard the show is going to be taking a break for a week and will be returning July 8th with it’s new time-slot still on the ABC network, but on Saturday’s at 10PM. The diversity in this show is so seamlessly woven into the show so beautifully. Let me know if you have watched this show so far? What did you think? Do you think moving to this different time slot with improve the overall impressions of the show for Shondaland fans?

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