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DC Rebirth Comic Haul

Hey guys man I’ve just been all about them DC comics lately. So I’ve recently gotten a haul of DC Rebirth comics. From what I understand this is NOT meant to serve as a reboot. I’m super excited about these new comics I’ve gotten from the DC Rebirth sale at Barnes & Noble. Just so you guys know this is the last day to take advantage of it till 11:59 PM tonight.

So getting to the haul, and these are in really no particular order, but I’m going to start with technically the first book in this series which is DC Rebirth The Deluxe Edition by Geoff Johns, Gary Frank, Ethan Van Sciver, Ivan Reis, and Phil Jimenez.

DC Rebirth  This is essentially the story that sets everything off. I don’t want to say that this story is necessary to have in order to understand what is going on, but it kind of is. I will probably go more in depth in a spoiler review I will post most likely right after this haul is up. But just look at that cover that just screams everything I love about DC.

Next I have one of my personal favorites. Wonder Woman Vol. 1 The Lies and Wonder Woman Vol. 2 Year One. The art in these books. The story. All of the feels. There are so many I can’t even tell you even thought I really wish that I could. I think these are perfectly timed releases for the upcoming Wonder Woman. I will reviewing these DC Rebirth comics; both a spoiler and non-spoiler review, but I just want to say that I really think this series is really a return to form for Wonder Woman. It shows how much of a power-house she is, but that she is not only is Diana a God, a warrior, a hero, a woman, but most importantly human.

Next is my first, and after reading this certainly won’t be my last I give you The Flash Vol 1: Lighting Strikes Twice. I am so excited I love the show The Flash and now I own my very first Flash comic. The art in this story is amazing. I can’t wait till we get to see some of this imagery possibly come to life in the Justice League film and The Flash stand-alone. This one of those stories I feel like it is necessary to have the deluxe edition in order understand what’s going on, but again not required. The art in this series is so lush, so fluid, and looked like it could be literally plucked onto the big-screen. *wink,*wink Warner Bros.


Green_Arrow_Rebirth_Vol_1_1 So I’ve never been a big Green Arrow fan, but I thought I would give this comic a try and I’m so happy I did. Again, I’m definitely going to be reviewing these in future posts. However, to just say the story and the art in this comic gave me goose bumps. I love the look and feel of Oliver Queen. It’s so good.

Titans Rebirth 1 Again, here’s a story where you may need to get DC Rebirth Deluxe Edition. However, I was interested in getting this just because  it goes more into Wally West’s storyline a little more along with members of the the old Teen Titans. Whereas the new Teen Titans comic features Starfire, Raven, Damian Wayne, and others. I’m not really interested in reading Teen Titans Rebirth because I’m not a big Damian Wayne fan, but I may change that mind-down the line, but it’s not a priority right now.

Batgirl-and-the-Birds-of-Prey-Rebirth-1-1 Once again, I’m interested in how Rebirth is going to take on The Birds of Prey compared to the New 52. I love how we get a look at Huntress. Her costume looks amazing. However, I don’t think that I’m interested in reading Batgirl for Rebirth just because I didn’t love the art that I saw of that compared to this line-up and I’m still trying to finish the Batgirl New 52 series as well.

Nightwing-RebirthSo I have never owned a Nightwing comic. Hope that doesn’t get me shunned from the DC community, but I do love his character and I hope that he’s done justice in the DCEU.

Batman Rebirth 1 And finally, we’ve come to the main event which of course is Batman. I’ve mentioned how I’m currently reading a couple Batman comics so now I officially own my first Batman comic with more soon to come.

Thank you for checking out this post. Let me know if you have gotten any of these comics for the DC Rebirth series or any other series. Please leave a LIKE if you liked this post, feel free to comment below, and remember to follow me if you wish to see more content. Hope everyone is having a safe day or night wherever you are.



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