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B&N DC Rebirth Sale

Hey guys so I just found out that Barnes & Noble is having a buy 2 get the 3rd free sale on their DC Rebirth collections. I for one am very excited about this because I’m a huge DC fan. I love Marvel as well, but DC is pretty much what I grew up with and has some of my favorite characters and storylines in comics. Now I don’t know too much about the DC Rebirth, but from what I understand it’s not meant to be a reboot of the New 52 it is meant to serve more as a way to fix what a lot of comic fans didn’t like about the New 52 which I can appreciate because while the New 52 is what got me back into reading comics again there were a couple problems I had with their series that I felt weren’t really staying true to some of these characters which for most people like myself were a big part of our childhood.

So for anyone out their that has read some of DC Rebirth feel free to give me any suggestions on specific series I should checkout.

I’m of course going to be getting Wonder Woman, her being one of my all-time favorite female superheroes or just heroes in general really. However, I also want to try and get out of my comfort zone and read about other heroes like The Flash since I’m a big fan of the TV show. Let me know in the comment sections which series in the DC Rebirth you think I should take look at? Also, are you going to be participating in this sale as well? From what I understand the sale is going to last until May 29, 2017th by 11:59 PM.

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