Manga Monday

Manga Recommendation: To the Abandoned Sacred Beasts by MAYBE

To-the-Abandoned-Sacred-Beast_Abandoned_Sacred_Beasts_volume_1 Hey guys sorry I wasn’t able to get this out yesterday, but I’m here now. Today I wanted to give you guys a recommendation for one of my currently favorite manga, To The Abandoned Sacred Beasts by MAYBE. So this manga follows the story of Nancy Schaal Bancroft that lives in a post-war torn twentieth century world where during the war a special platoon of soldiers felt the only way to win was to sacrifice their humanity and become monsters known as Incarnates. One of these Incarnates happened to be her father, but was ultimately killed by a Beast Hunter whom she vows to track down and kill him. However, Nancy finds something she didn’t expect in this man: a friend and possibly the key to unlocking the secrets the Incarnates still hold.

I really didn’t know much about this manga when I first heard about it, but so many people that I watch on YouTube that haul mainly manga had been giving this manga so much praise and I thought I would check it out because the story sounded pretty interesting and the art looked amazing. There is such detail in the way the art is done while combining honestly a pretty compelling story. I would say definitely check this manga out. It tackles some dark themes about maintaining humanity after coming back from war and sacrificing yourself for the greater good. I highly recommend this manga to anyone, but especially for fans of the manga The Seven Deadly Sins and Soul Eater.

Thank you guys for checking this out. Please hit the LIKE button if you liked it, feel free to leave a comment, and follow me if you wish to see more content. Hope you are all having a safe day or night wherever you are.


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