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New DC ANIMATED MOVIE, Batman and Harley Quinn teaser released

Hey everyone this is a bit of news I wanted to share and I’m really excited to talk about this with you guys. So DC released a teaser trailer for a new animated movie called Batman and Harley Quinn. Now I’m just going to get in a little into the movie itself and then more my personal thoughts.

So this film is starring Kevin Conroy as Batman and Loren Lester as Nightwing/Dick Grayson the original voice actors from the original animated series. As for Harley Quinn she is voiced by  Melissa Rauch, which for anyone who watches The Big Bang Theory should know as Bernadette.

Now this is going to directed by of course Bruce Timm. Essentially, the story revolves around Batman and Nightwing team up to stop a global threat being carried out by Poison Ivy and Jason Woodrue, the Plant-Master. Now being master detectives Batman and Nightwing think the best way to find out what they’re planning is by looking up some of Poison Ivy’s old associates specifically Harley Quinn for information. However, they come to learn Harley has hung up the red and black jester suit in order to live a less exciting life, but Batman insists that she get back into the crazy game of costumes and caped crusaders in order to save the day.


Now my initial thought when I heard and saw this was pure nostalgia for the classic Batman the Animated series. Harley Quinn was brought to life by the brilliant Paul Dini specifically for that show and her rise in popularity has made her a staple heroine/villainess in the DC comics universe. DC has always delivered when it comes to their animated releases and I myself and really excited for the line up they have for next year in terms of their live-action films. I’m probably not going to be watching anymore trailers because this teaser was enough for me. I want to understand this return to this world. Why happened to Harley to make her try a normal life? Did something happen with her and the Joker again? I really don’t want to pick this apart too much because I want to just enjoy this when it comes out.


However, I’m curious as to why this is coming out now. I don’t like to talk about anything negatively especially when it has to do with something that I love, but I was not in love with the Suicide Squad movie that released in 2016. Ever since then I’ve heard rumors about anywhere from a Harley Quinn solo movie to them doing a Gotham City Sirens movie where Harley will be teamed up with Catwoman and Poison Ivy. Now this means that we will be getting new and hopefully reoccurring actresses to play two more iconic female villains; not only in the DC comics universe, but specifically in the Batman universe because these will be characters that will more than likely be showing up in future Batman stand-alone films.

So overall I’m happy that we’re returning to this world and think that it is in great hands. I’m just worried that they’re just making this movie so Harley Quinn stays relevant in the minds of future movie goers and that might give them a free pass for them to do whatever they want in future projects. I’m not really to worried about it because while I didn’t love Suicide Squad as much as I thought I was going to it still had good moments and hopefully the studio and others that worked on it will learn from their mistakes. And hopefully take it with them when they are working on future live-action projects. However, as for their animated properties DC has always delivered and we, as the fans, win every time because we get to see our favorite characters come to life again on the screen.

Tell me your thoughts on this in the comments below.

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