Manga Monday

Manga First: The Water Dragon’s Bride by Rei Toma


Hey everyone so this is my first Manga First Take for Manga Mondays. So the The Water Dragon’s Bride is about a modern-day girl named Asahi taken to a strange and mysterious world where she meets a water dragon god. Despite feeling lost and alone a young boy named Subaru comes to her aid, but may be unable to stand up to the forces set against them.

So this is definitely the kind of fish out of water story, I expected to get when I read the synopsis. I really like the main heroine so far, you really understand that she’s just a little kid that doesn’t understand what’s happening around her. I also really enjoyed the art design for the characters and the setting. There wasn’t a whole lot of furthering of the plot like why Asahi was transported to this world? Why is the Water Dragon God the way he is? However, I this that is does establish who exactly the characters are in this story and the things they’re going to have to face and/or over come. One  thing Toma actually mentioned in this manga is when designing a character, she thinks about them in color and attaches a specific colors to each of them and goes from there. I thought that was an interest statement and it kind of each transfers to the characters characteristics as well as their designs. I really enjoyed this manga I will probably be picking up the next volume once it comes out. So far I give this manga 3 1/2 stars out of 5.

That’s if for this edition of Monday Manga I hope you guys liked this post if you did please leave a Like and feel free to leave a comment below. What volume one have you guys read lately? Was it a manga your just starting or one you’ve read before? Also remember to follow me if you wish to see more of my content.


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