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Book Sale Season Tips

Hey everyone, wow I can’t believe that we’re almost into May. This year is going way too fast. However, there is something that always seems to come around this time of year besides the change in weather and allergies. BOOK SALES so many BOOK SALES. Around this time of year and maybe even later into May most libraries often have really good book sales. The kind where you can books and more from at most maybe $2 and at the very least $0.50. Now that’s a deal. Not all of these are of course treasure troves, but you can find something that either you’ve had your eye on for awhile or something you never excepted to find. Here are just a couple of tips for anyone partaking in one of these events.

Tip #1: Bring at least one to two reusable bags.

Not only can show support for our libraries by giving these books a good home, but we can also do our part to be eco-friendly by bring any tote or reusable bags from home to carry them in.

Tip #2: Do your Research.

Now a lot of libraries and half-priced book stores tend to have sales around this time of year and depending on how much shelf space one has or how much your willing to spend on gas there’s a very small chance you’ll be able to go to them all. So my suggestion is check out which ones you are able to go to. Most books sales are word of mouth unless they are able to advertise them. Check the newspaper, maybe there is an article about the local book sales that are going on. Also simply, looking up book sales in your area would be helpful.

Tip #3: Be smart with your choices.

Now I’m just going to say this because I feel even I have been guilty of this at one time or another. Let’s face it we all have. We’ve all gone a little over the edge when it comes to buying books. I know no one wants to admit it, but it’s the truth and it’s okay. However, in this case you just want to keep it as a little thought bubble in the back of your head, “Is this a book I really want or need?” I will probably be eating my words at some point, but when your spending less money on books the lines tend to begin to blur.

TIP #4: $$$ The Green

This brings me into my next tip: How much to bring? Events such as this tend to be a cash only business so I would be prepared for that just so your not stuck and there’s not an ATM around. I would say be conscious that libraries, I believe, set their own prices. I would bring maybe what I would spend or half of what I would spend on Book Outlet (including shipping).

Tip #5: Plan Accordingly…

Find out the time for book sale…

Decide what time your going to go…

Browse and buy books and leave…

? Hours later…



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