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A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness Spoiler Free Review

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Title: A Monster Calls

Author(s): Patrick Ness

Inspired by an idea from Siobhan Dowd

Illustrator: Jim Kay

Publisher: Walker Books

Happy Black Friday everyone. Sorry I haven’t been very active lately, but now that the recent holiday madness is over for the moment I thought I’d catch up and give you my reviews on the books I finished during the month of November following my November Wrap-up post.

For this book I’ll be honest I didn’t know what to expect going in. I’d seen the trailer for the movie based on this very book maybe once and I thought just in case I decided to see it I’d give it a read, also it just seemed very different and haunting because of the obvious cover-art and premise.

The story centers around a thirteen year-old Conor O’Malley who is trying to deal with his mother’s illness. One night he wakes from the same nightmare he has been having for a few months now. Much to his surprise a towering tree monster appears. The Monster says that he is not there to hurt Conor, but that he wants to tell him three stories and after which Conor will tell the Monster his truth or his story. Conor of course doesn’t the Monster is a figment of his imagination, but he returns just like he said. It’s interesting the stories the Monster tells and the whole time your wondering how they relate to Conor and what is going on with him. These are also coupled with a number of beautiful illustrations done throughout the story. I mentioned to someone that I read this book and the phrase I gave to them was it was “the most adult tween book I’ve ever read recently.” I would say that is a fair phrase to sum up this book because you are jumping through multiple perspectives between Conor, the Monster, and ever Conor’s mom who is doing all that she can to comfort her son and soften the blow ever though she knows what is going to come due to her illness.

I did feel like the ending was a bit abrupt and didn’t feel like anything was really resolved, at least the way I though it was going to be.

I would recommend this book and I give it three out of five stars because while I didn’t love it I was invested with the story and the characters as I was reading.


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