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Spoilers, What is the Time Limit?

So yesterday someone, I won’t say who, spoiled me to a major death that occurred on one of my favorite shows. I will not say what or who to that either. However, that got me thinking: How much time should someone wait until you are able to reveal spoilers to someone else about something? Also, are book spoilers different than movie or TV show spoilers? I really don’t know. Now granted this person told me this right after the episode aired because I usually watch it the next day on my DVR if I’m doing something else, but it is an interesting question to talk about.

What I do when I want to recommend a book or book series to someone is I first ask them whether or not they have read or heard about the series. That is just common courtesy, I think. I usually just give the basic synopsis of the story without revealing any spoilers in the process. However, It’s kind of hard for me to read reviews online like say on YouTube because unless the person puts “No Spoilers” or “Spoiler Free Review,” like I plan on doing for all my reviews, I won’t know if they will be talking in depth about books I may want to read in the future. So can understand how hard it is to actually do reviews now with the Internet and social media because if you reveal something that you may not believe to be spoilerish the rest of the world may think so and jump down your throat for doing so.

When it comes to book reviews I think they should have at the very least a year or more when it comes to revealing spoilers–better yet have a separate post where you can talk to your hearts content about spoilers, again something I plan on doing on this platform.

Movies I think, same thing, maybe about six months to a year, but like I said before ask whether or not the person has seen the movie or whether they care about hearing spoilers.

TV shows I feel are also a little more tricky, but I would say if by the next season has started they should have a blanket of immunity; depending on whether the person has watched the show of course.

I’m not a  gamer, but I do want to start sometime in the future so I can’t really offer anything on video game spoilers, but I would say a year.

The point is people are so sensitive now about major things happening and others revealing them. While I understand it is about things that people love you have to give the people talking about them a break because they probably love them just as much. Tell me your thoughts on spoilers? What should the time limit be on certain things? Have you ever spoiled or been spoiled about a major event that took place in something you wanted to seen or read?


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