Mini Graphic Novel Haul

So thanks to a series of fortunate events I was able to get two graphic novels I’ve wanted for the longest time. The first one is Revival: Deluxe Edition by Tim Seeley & Mike Norton. This is a story about a small town where the dead have risen from the grave…for one day. The real story is about what happens in the aftermath with massive panic, religious cults, and your everyday psychos coming out of the woodwork, how can one female sheriff handle while trying to get back to normal small-town life? Now I’m a big fan of The Walking Dead and I think that a story about that kind of genre set in a small-town where all of that fear and drama can just implode sounds amazing to me. I definitely plan on doing reviews for comics and other graphic novels; I definitely plan on reviewing this as well.


The next one is called Deadly Class: Reagan Youth Volume 1 by Rick Remender and artist Wes Craig. The story centers around an orphan whose parents were killed in a violent crime; yes I know this story sounds familiar, but wait…Living on streets is hard, but what’s even harder for Marcus Lopez living in 1987 is seeing the same people like those that ruined his life walking the streets. One day he decides to do something about it and ends up meeting a group of other individuals living on the other side of the law. When a strange man sees a display of their individual skills he welcomes them to attend King’s Domain High School for the Deadly Arts. This is where they will learn to become the world’s most dangerous assassins the world has ever known. I kind of like to think of this story as what Batman could have become or some for of that, but I just compare it to that to give you all an idea or the concept, but it really it I think its own idea. I love the idea of this being set again the 1980s for some reason. Maybe because when you think of assassins or spies nowadays they are using all this advance technology in addition to their cunning and unique skills, but in the time this story is set in I don’t really expect them to have access to all of that.








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