Barnes & Noble Book Haul

So Barnes & Noble has been having some really good sales lately. They usually have pretty good sales, but now that the holiday season is approaching all the great deals are coming out such as the DC and Marvel comic sale I mentioned in a previous post. They also have a sale on certain paperbacks, including comics and manga. The first books I got are the first two in a series that I’ve wanted to read for a long time which is Sworn to Silence and Pray for Silence by Linda Castillo in her Kate Burkholder series. This was the basis for the lifetime movie “An Amish Murder”. I’ve wanted to read this series because the idea of a former Amish female detective sounds like everything that I want out of a book series.

The next one is a book that I haven’t heard too much about, but I bought these books when it was still October so I don’t know maybe it was the cover or the synopsis I just really wanted to get this book because it was too creepy and interesting not to get. It’s called In the Woods by Tana French. It’s a mystery procedural set in Dublin where three children go missing in the local woods and only one is found. Twenty years go by and the same boy grows up to be a detective now investigating the death of another child found in those same woods. Now Rob Ryan has to wonder whether there a connection to what to him and this most recent case.


I also got a few comics that I posted that I wanted to get. The first comic I received the second volume of Marvel’s Ms. Marvel series, by Wilson and Alphona Wyatt, that I’ve decided to give another chance at and it’s really funny, but also has a good amount of action with really great artwork. It also has a nice appearances of fan favorites but it still it’s own thing. Same with the second Marvel comic I got which is Spider-Gwen: Most Wanted by Latour Rodriguez. So this is set in an alternate universe where instead of Peter Parker getting bitten by the radioactive spider it’s Gwen Stacy who becomes Spider-Woman, which is kind of confusing because there is another Spider-Woman in the Marvel universe so I think I prefer to just refer to her as Spider -Gwen. This has a really interesting storyline where the characters that you know from this universe are not all like you remember them and I love stuff like that What If…? kind of scenario. The artwork is really likable and the writing is funny, little hard to follow at certain points but overall I definitely plan on picking up the first volume of Spider-Gwen because from what I understand this is considered volume 0-weird. The last book I got from DC comics is the first volume of the New 52’s  Harley Quinn stand-alone series. Now let’s all be serious, who doesn’t love them Harley Quinn. I’ve loved her ever since the “Batman Animated Series” and I’ve heard nothing, but good things about this series verses the New 52 Suicide Squad series. So those are the books I’ve gotten so far in the month of November.

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