Book Outlet Book Haul #1

Thanks to a number of BookTubers I discovered this wonderful and dangerous website called BookOutlet.com Here you can get so many great titles and so much more for such a great price; not to mention the number of sales they have going on at any given time. Now this is the first Book Outlet haul I’m sharing with you all on the blog and I’ve very excited because these are all titles I’ve wanted to pick up for such a long time. Most of them are normal books and I also have picked up comics/manga as well.

  1. The first book is Taran Matharu’s The Novice: Summoner Book One. The minute I first saw this title I knew I had to read it, but by the time I was able to put it in my cart it was gone. Luckily, it recently came back in stock and I didn’t waste anytime. This is the story of a boy working as a blacksmith’s apprentice when he discovers he has the ability to summon demons. Apparently, he is somewhat considered a fugitive and teams up with a demon he summons to help end the war between the Empire and the Orcs in hopes to prove his innocence. Filled with fantasy, adventure, and political intrigue, how could anyone not want to read this book.22297138
  2. The second book I got was a book I already have, but I really loved this new design they did for the cover and I also wanted it in paperback rather than the mass market paperback copy I have.5985499-_uy200_ The book is Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones. Now I don’t think I have to explain this story, but to give a little background, this is the story of a girl named Sophie and how she comes to be saved by a mysterious man whom she learns is the infamous Wizard Howl, cursed by a Witch, and much more. The way Jones crafts this story is part of the reason I want to be an author.
  3. Next I finally got my copy of The Boundless by Kenneth Oppel. I know I probably really late to the party on this, but I just been doing a lot of other things and reading so many other books-plus this book is always in stock on Book Outlet so I didn’t think their was really a rush. And to be honest, when all the hype was going around about this book on BookTube I didn’t really think that it was a book that I would enjoy, but given it’s creepy and suspenseful setting and plot I thought I might give it a try considering the time of year. It kind of sounds like a young adult book if written by Alfred Hitchcock. If that is the case than I am certainly on board. You guys might also see this book on my October TBR list post. boundless-book-cover-oppel
  4. My final two books are both written by the same author. These also made it into my cart because I thought they would be perfect for a nice spooky read. The first is Bad Dreams by Kim Newman. This is about a journalist who travels to London to investigate the death of her sister. She is then dragged into a world of corruption and at the center of it all is this one person known as the Game Master. The second book is called The Night Mayor, again by Kim Newman. It takes place in the near future where movies have been replaced with Dreams, virtual reality scenarios written by professional Dreamers. A killer escapes and has created his own personal world where he rules known as the Night Mayor. Two Dreamers join forces to take him down. They both sound so eerie and creepy that I think they are just the thing to keep me on my toes this Halloween.
  5. Book Outlet has recently increasing it’s stock in graphic novels, comics, manga which is amazing and so good for me because I love those kinds of books as well and just like regular book they are not cheap, expect at Book Outlet.
    1. First, I got Wonder Woman Vol 7: War-Torn by Meredith Finch, David Finch, and Sonia Oback.25241706-_uy346_ss346_
    2.  I also got volumes 4 and 5 of Withcraft Works by Ryu Mizunagi at Vertical Comics, a manga I’m really enjoying because I love reading books about witches.
    3. Finally, I got The Seven Deadly Sins volume 4 by Nakaba Suzuki at Kodansha Comics. This is a manga I want to start collecting. I recently binged watched the anime and I really want to read the manga from scratch and see where the story goes from where the anime ended.

      So that’s my Book Outlet haul for the month of October. What books have you gotten this month?


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