Hello Everyone,

So I just wanted to give a little introduction for anyone just reading this blog for the first time. Basically, I love books. I love reading and I love writing as well that of which I may have some of in future posts. For now I am trying to establish myself among the blogging and reviewing community because I am sure I have barely scratched the surface, but I’m excited to get started all the same. I do plan on having a BookTube channel on YouTube in the future, but for now I just want to try and have a good time and keep a consistent schedule just having this blog for now for I intend to have both the blog and the YouTube channel running once that happens.

A little about what I will be posting here. I want to obviously give you guys reviews on books I have recently read. I will be posting current TBR list for each month and any book hauls I receive whether they are from books I’ve purchased, books I’ve gotten from the library, and hopefully books I receive from authors or publishers. I would also like to post subjects such as how I organize and decide whether or not I keep books. Any sales that are going on. I frequently get my books from Book Outlet, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble on occasion. I will also be posting Top 10 lists and more. Please leave a comment for any questions or even suggestions you think could improve this blog.


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